I got this question hundreds of time. It is not possible to read in the future. Said that, it is pretty obvious that some of the new Testing practice will change the way we perform the Software Testing .


It will change the way we are perceiving our jobs. Agile and DevOps continue to gain more traction and move the traditional Testing Practice in different directions. These procedures are creating more expectations on the speed of deployment, and less time is dedicated for the traditional Testing. If your focus is only on test plans, test procedures, formal test cases, and the usual test metrics then you increase your chance that automated software testing is going to replace your job.

But if you are open to the new methodologies, study them and work in order to understand how these new procedures are working, then you increase your chance to remain a productive Tester for so many other years despite the Automated Software Testing.

So the discussion is not that you are not losing the actual job, that maybe will not be available, but new positions related with the Testing Automation will be available in the organization for whoever will be ready to embrace the real competencies coming with those roles. With automated software testing arriving, probably you will likely hold at least several jobs over the course of your career. Some may be promotions, and some may be opportunities to learn new skills.

While the odds favor lifetime learning and forward-thinking practice, individual circumstances often differ from the odds.

And Automated Software Testing is not even the last stop since the Machine Learning and the potential for Artificial Intelligence with analytics applications are working to replace human workers in a variety of fields. While certain jobs, including software development and testing, will change, professionals who adapt to new roles and responsibilities will always be in demand.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw

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