It is crucial for successful entry into the Australian workforce to get what is called the “Australian work experience”, but if you don’t start to work in Australia then you cannot get that experience and we have some sort of Paradox.

Thus, if you want to secure that job you desperately want and deserve, you must market directly to the employers. We encourage you to seriously consider undertaking our Professional Internship Program which completes the missing link called “Australian work experience” which is crucial for your success.

It provides you with a precious opportunity to gain relevant work experience, be familiar with Australian work culture and industry practices, prove your skills to a potential employer and possibly secure a job offer after the internship.

Though Professional Internship Program does not guarantee you employment (because job offer depends on your performance and the host company’s staffing requirement), it will arm you with confidence and industry knowledge to effectively market yourself to the potential employers directly.

Please let us know your interest to participate in the Professional Internship Program and we will discuss about your career aspirations, competencies and preferences so that we can secure a suitable internship for you.

We look forward to finding you an internship of your choice ASAP.

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